Jordan Reacts To McCabe’s Interview: ‘He’s The 3rd Person To Say There Was A Plot Inside The DOJ To Remove [Trump]’

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Soon after Andrew McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview was aired to a national audience, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan gave his reaction to all that was said, as well as what was NOT said by the former FBI Deputy Director.

In the interview, McCabe gave his account to situations that occurred before being fired from the FBI, including a discussion he had with Rod Rosenstein about using the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

McCabe said in his interview that he believes he was fired for opening a case against the President, which was among the initial criteria Jordan addressed in his tweeted reaction to the interview. He said:

“REMEMBER Andy McCabe:

-Lied 3 times to the FBI and fired
-Referred for criminal prosecution
-Was part of the plot to use the Dossier against the President”

He added, “Still zero evidence of Russian collusion. Lots of evidence that Andy McCabe is untrustworthy and politicized the FBI.” Continued Below

Jordan then focused attention on the alleged “plot” to remove the President via the 25th Amendment that McCabe verified in his account.  He said, “McCabe is not trustworthy, but still remarkable he’s the 3rd person to say there was a plot inside the DOJ to remove the President from office.”

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Finally, Jordan concluded, “TV interviews are nice, but we need Rod Rosenstein and Andy McCabe to appear, under oath, in front of the Oversight Committee—the American people deserve the truth.” See Below

Jim Jordan’s Official Tweets In Reaction To McCabe’s Interview

We leave you with video of McCabe discussing the 25th Amendment “plot” Jordan is referring to: