Catherine Herridge Emphasizes What To Expect If The Mueller Probe Is, In Fact, Winding Down

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is finally ending his witch hunt. This comes after acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker explained during a press briefing at the beginning of the month- that the investigation was wrapping up.

Further, Chief Intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, reported that the probe is “near an end game, but there is no formal notification to the Trump legal team.” (Videos Below)

Herridge explained on Wednesday, that as of this afternoon, the special counsel and DOJ are not commenting on the reports status, delivery or the timing.

“Those close to the case say several data points have now aligned. The new Attorney General William Barr has been sworn in, and he is now assembling a new team. The administration has announced it’s choice to be deputy, Jefferey Rosen, who’s a senior official at the Transportation Department.” Herridge said.

Rosen will replace Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who will leave by mid-March.

“That’s an important marker [mid March], because those close to Rosenstein have always made clear that he intended to remain at Justice until the Mueller report is delivered.” Herridge said.  (Videos Below)

“Based on his confirmation hearings, Attorney General Barr made clear under the regulations as he understands it, “only the Attorney General will see the Mueller report, which he described as a non-public document. And, it’s not even clear if it would be shared with senior DOJ leadership, including Rosenstein who oversaw the case for 18 months.”

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Catherine emphasized a key section from William Barr’s confirmation hearing where he said, “any public report will be drafted by the Attorney General.” She further explained that’s it’s a summary of the Mueller findings. (Videos Below)

Herridge further said, “Whatever [of the Mueller report] goes public or goes to Capitol Hill will be William Barr’s draft or summary of the Mueller Report, not the raw material from the special counsel findings.”

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President Trump was also asked by the press about the Mueller report release and responded, “That’ll be totally up to the new Attorney General.”


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