Matt Gaetz Side-Swipes The ‘Negative & Unfair’ Mueller Report Amid Its Pending Release

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Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appeared on Fox News to discuss his view of what thinks will come from the pending Mueller report that is rumored to be released within weeks.

Although Gaetz has no clear insight of what exactly will be presented in the Mueller report, he is already cautioning America that it will likely take a “negative and unfair” view of the President.

Gaetz said he is mostly concerned at this point in time about who is preparing the report versus what will be presented in it. And he cited texts from former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page along with findings made by the inspector general as backing for why he feels this way.

Gaetz said, “I think it’s very appropriate to evaluate it (the Mueller report) in the context of how it was prepared and who prepared it.”

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He then brought up Obama appointed IG Michael Horowitz and how he found “all of the major HR policies have been violated at the FBI and Department of Justice when you saw people move from the Hillary Clinton investigation on to the Robert Mueller investigation.” Video Below

Gaetz also pointed out how text messages between former FBI agents Strzok and Page proved, “There was no evidence at all, after 10 months of investigating, of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

He then concluded by focusing on the liklihood of bias among members of Mueller’s team, and how it’s amounted to findings that are simply geared to make the President look bad, yet has cost tax payers tens of millions of dollars.

Gaetz said, “Now we see, I think, a special counsel’s team that includes a lot of people who were supportive of Hillary Clinton campaign and who have supported Democrat candidates in the past.” Video Below

Matt Gaetz Takes Jabs At The Pending Mueller Report