Lindsey Graham Blasts Trump’s Critics Ahead Of Second Summit: ‘How Well Did Things Go On Your Watch?’

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Ahead of a second summit between the world leaders in Vietnam, President Trump said his aim is to develop a relationship with Kim Jong Un to open a dialog and reduce tensions.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took to Twitter to praise the President for this strong leadership along with blasting the haters and critics who did nothing about North Korea on their watch. (Video Below)

President Trump departed to Vietnam Monday for a second historic summit with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, that takes place Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoi.

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Shortly before the President’s departure from the White House, Trump spoke optimistically about what he expected would be a “very tremendous summit”, adding that “we want denuclearisation” on the Korean peninsula.

Sen. Lindsey Graham took to Twitter Monday hitting back at Trump haters who are criticizing President Trump ahead of the summit. (Video Below)

Graham asked, “To all of President @realDonaldTrump’s critics on North Korea – How well did things go on your watch? North Korea is at the table because President Trump has been strong in the face of aggression.”

He continued, “I hope talks bear fruit because they are our last, best chance to end the nuclear conflict with North Korea on peaceful terms.”

Then Graham added, “President Trump is right to talk, but must be willing to walk. The ball is in North Korea’s court.” (Video Below)

President Trump is pursuing four goals in his talks with Chairman Kim Jong Un called the “four pillars.”

  • Establishment of new relations
  • A lasting and stable peace
  • Complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula
  • Recovering POW/MIA remains

Further, Trump noted the most important thing is to develop a relationship with Kim Jong Un.

Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee sent a letter to President Trump reading in part, “We believe your next meeting with Kim thus must demonstrate tangible, verifiable progress on denuclearization and reducing tensions with the North.”

President Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday hitting back at the haters as well and said, “So funny to watch people who have failed for years, they got NOTHING, telling me how to negotiate with North Korea. But thanks anyway!”

(Video Below)

President Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s official tweets along with video below:


The White House outlines four goals in talks with North Korea; John Roberts reports from Hanoi:

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