Hundreds Of ISIS Fighters Caught On Camera Surrendering After Trump Declares Victory & 100% Overtaken Caliphate

BNL News Video Screen Capture, White House Video Screen Capture

On his way back from Vietnam, President Trump made a surprise stop in Alaska, where announced that 100% of ISIS’s caliphate has been overtaken and claimed victory.

Trump said, “We just took over, you know, you kept hearing it was 90 percent, 92 percent, the caliphate in Syria. Now it’s 100 percent we just took over, 100 percent caliphate.”

Although critics undermined Trump’s victory announcement, video soon surfaced proving the his claim correct.

The video, which has now gone viral on multiple social media platforms, shows what appears to be hundreds of ISIS soldiers surrendering in Syria.

The men seen in the video were wearing distraught looks of defeat on their faces. They were also carrying belongings and being rounded up by other troops.

Video Below

The tweeted video was follow-up to a previous tweet by BNL News that read, “US-led air strikes destroy the last ammunition storages in ISIS area in Syria. ISIS has now been totally defeated in the country of Syria.”

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Then, the tweeted video of troops surrendering was captioned, “WATCH: Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrendered yesterday, as they’ve been totally defeated in Syria by US and Syrian Defense Forces.” Video Below

Video Of ISIS Soldiers Surrendering