Tom Fitton Announces Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Adam Schiff, Cites Meetings With Cohen & Simpson

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House Intel Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, came under scrutiny in recent weeks on alleged meetings that are said to have occurred with fake dossier guru Glenn Simpson and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

Schiff’s meeting with Cohen, a convicted liar, is now reported to have taken a total of 10 hours prior to Cohen’s testimony in front of Congress, as Republicans are worried that witness tampering could have occured.

D.C. Watch Dog and President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, is seeking to get to the bottom of it all.

On Monday, Fitton posted a video announcing Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint against Schiff.

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He said, “Judicial Watch just filed an ethics complaint against Adam Schiff, the leading Democrat who runs the House Intelligence Committee.” Video Below

Fitton continued, “We want an investigation into his communications with two witnesses: Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, the Clinton-linked firm that created the fake dossier against President Trump and Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, who may have lied repeatedly to Congress last week.”

Fitton claims the problem is that Schiff’s staffers “may have personally talked with Cohen prior to his false testimony.”

He then concluded, “obviously the House ethics process needs to look at what Mr. Schiff was up to in communicating with these witnesses in highly irregular ways.” Video Below

Read the official press release from Judicial Watch [HERE].