Trump Is Not Happy With Excuses, Presses GM To Reopen Ohio Plant: ‘I Don’t Care, Just Want It Open!’

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President Trump took to Twitter Sunday afternoon where he said that he spoke with General Motors CEO Mary Barra over the decision to shut down a manufacturing plant in Ohio.

The tweet was the third time the President voiced his concern and frustration over the weekend about General Motors for their plans to cut thousands of jobs and close multiple plants. (Video Below)

General Motors said in November 2018 that it planned to cut 15,000 jobs and close manufacturing plants in in Lordstown, Ohio; Detroit-Hamtramck, Mich.; and Oshawa, Ontario in Canada, and auto parts factories in Warren, Mich., and White Marsh, Md. reported The Hill.

President Trump called the decision “nasty” shortly after the announcement, adding that the company wouldn’t be treated very well, per The Hill.

On Saturday, the President suggested that a new owner could manage the facility and that they must acting quickly.

He wrote, “Because the economy is so good, General Motors must get their Lordstown, Ohio, plant open, maybe in a different form or with a new owner, FAST! Toyota is investing 13.5 $Billion in U.S., others likewise. G.M. MUST ACT QUICKLY. Time is of the essence!” (Video Below)

The President took it a step further and said on Sunday, “Democrat UAW Local 1112 President David Green ought to get his act together and produce. G.M. let our Country down, but other much better car companies are coming into the U.S. in droves. I want action on Lordstown fast. Stop complaining and get the job done! 3.8% Unemployment!”

Later in the afternoon, he doubled down and announced, “Just spoke to Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors about the Lordstown Ohio plant. I am not happy that it is closed when everything else in our Country is BOOMING. I asked her to sell it or do something quickly. She blamed the UAW Union — I don’t care, I just want it open!”

Further on Sunday, Fox News host Leland Vittert, interviewed David Green where he said that many workers have moved their families out of Ohio to find work elsewhere. (Video Below)

President Trump later slammed Leland Vittert on Sunday suggesting he was “trained by CNN.” You might agree after you watch the clip below.

It’s worth nothing, the government bailed out General Motors and cost the taxpayers.

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President Trump’s official tweets:

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