Levin Blasts Dems For Trying To Change Election Laws: ‘This Is Very Good Banana Republic Of This Democrat Party’

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‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday where he weighed in on radicalized Democrats.

This comes after their push to abolish the Electoral College, lower the voting age, and stack the Supreme Court.

After Sean Hannity mentioned some of the recent pushes by Democrats to rid of the Electoral College and stack the Supreme Court, Levin launched his attack.

“The greatest threat to our constitution and economic system isn’t any foreign power, it’s the Democrat party,” Levin said. “It’s the leftists within the Democrat party, because they use our liberty and our constitution to destroy our liberty and our constitution, and they’re very good at it. Look at this, you named some of them.”

Levin explained why we have an Electoral College and wondered, “Why do I have to explain this to people who want to run for president of the United States?”

“There were states that had smaller populations and were not going to join the Union if the most popular states were going to control the entire country.” He noted, “We have an Electoral College that keeps peace in this nation.” (Video Below)

“We have a farm belt less populated than urban areas. We have an energy section that is less populated than urban areas. We don’t want to be ruled by New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We should all have a roll in this.” Levin said.

“We are a Republic, not a Democracy. We are not a ‘mobocracy.’ And what you see here is people that aren’t running under the Democratic party, they are running in the mob party!” He declared.

Levin wondered how do they intend to get rid of the Electoral College and said, “Just think about this: if they want to get rid of the Electoral College, you have to amend the Constitution. You only need 13 states to say ‘no.’ You think there’s 13 states that will say no? I think there is 20 states that will say ‘no.'” He added, “So, they’re absolute illiterates when it comes to the Constitution.” (Video Below)

Levin moved on to the Supreme Court and announced that Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court to fix the outcome.

“They want to fix the outcome of elections. They want to fix the outcomes of court decisions. This is very good Banana Republic of the Democrat party!” He said blasting the radical Dems.

He further noted that Democrats now want illegal aliens to vote and asked, “Why wait for them to come a thousand miles into the United States? Why don’t we send absentee ballots to 7 billion people all over the world and say you don’t need to struggle to get to the United States. You can just vote in our elections.”

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Levin brought up their other idea of letting 16 years old vote and asked, “Why not lower it to 12, or 14, or 15? How stupid is that? Why are they doing that? Because they indoctrinate all these kids in highschool and so-forth and know how they are going to vote, Democrat.”

“We are only 3-4 weeks into this election and the Kooks are on full display.” He announced. (Video Below)

Levin also pushed back on their ideas of confiscating guns, banning free speech, changing energy dependence, health care for all, raising taxes, free college, eliminating ICE, reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal, cut military funding, infanticide, impeach the President, indict the President, indict the President’s children and impeach Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. He further noted that “Beto O’ Dork” wants to eliminate existing border fences.

“That is quite a policy plan that the Democrats have!” He expressed.

Before concluding, Levin had a message for President and thanked him. “Thank you for being a Statesmen. What you’ve done in Israel will be remembered for a 1000 years.” He pointed out moving the embassy, taking on terrorists, and shredding the Iran Deal.”

He further took note of  4 Democrats won’t be speaking at AIPAC, which supports Israel.

“When they have an anti semite among them, they can’t even pass a resolution specifically condemning the anti semite by name. And yet, the number 3 person in the House of Representatives, yet again in that party, compared the President of the United States to Adolf Hitler. This is a sick party,” he said. “These are sick people running for president of the United States. There is no other explanation for this.”

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