Four Star Conservatives Team Up To Sound Off On Mueller’s Report & What’s To Come: ‘There’s A New Sheriff In Town’

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted to Attorney General Bill Barr his long-awaited report on the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race and possible collusion with Trump associates — marking the end of the politically explosive probe and the beginning of a new battle over its contents and implications, Fox News reported.

After nearly two years of investigating, no one has been charged with anything relating to Russian collusion.

Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL), and Fox News contributors Dan Bongino, Sara Carter and Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Trump weighed in Saturday night on Fox News‘ “Watters’ World” with Jesse Watters.

After Democrats and media heads claimed the “end of sight is near” for President Trump, the panel launched their attacks and fired off.

Jesse Watters began by explaining how he felt: “I feel like this delivers a knockout blow to the press and the Democrats who’ve been saying collusion, collusion, collusion for the last two years, and when you couple that with a hot economy and the decimation of the ISIS caliphate, this is a two term presidency. The Democrats are going to have to start working with this President and not working against him.”

“But on the other hand, I’m pretty angry, because the people that set this up, what’s going to happen to them? What is going to happen to the people that set this whole thing in motion? Are they going to be accountable or not?” Watters wondered. (Video Below)

Bongino explained that the entire FBI’s case was based on the Steele dossier. “The dossier is the collusion scandal! That’s everything. If Mueller could not indict and vindicate even one small component of that dossier, all of the players that spied on Donald Trump, used human intelligence assets, weaponized the intelligence agency, have now, nothing to fall back on.”

He asked, “When exactly did Mueller find out there was no collusion? I think Mueller knew early on this thing was a big, stinking pile of dog… you get it. It was a hoax.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz pointed out that the FBI and DOJ got away with leaking and unmasking under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, but declared  with the new Attorney General, “there is a new sheriff in town!” (Video Below)

“The real collusion here were Democrats hiring a foreign spy, who was a known liar to the FBI, to work with Russians, to tell lies about the President– to destabilize what has now become one of the most successful Presidencies in the entire modern era.” Gaetz continued.

He added, “675 days the Mueller investigation took, longer than the United State’s involvement in World War 1 and the whiskey rebellion combined. Out of those we freed Europe and got cheaper whiskey. Out of the Mueller investigation, we didn’t get a single indictment on collusion with Russia. That was the underlying issue.”

Asked where the Democrats will pivot now, Sara Carter said, “They have already made it perfectly clear. They want to pivot to President Trump’s family, to his businesses.” She also noted the southern district of New York.

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“They’re focused on both the election, whether there was election fraud, the family, the foundation. While we have on the other end probably one of the biggest most egregious breeches with our intelligence community with the FISA, the foreign intelligence surveillance act warrant, malfeasance within the FBI, and also within the DOJ.” Carter explained.

Carter also mentioned the fact that the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, will be releasing his report in the next month that will explain what happened during the Hillary Clinton investigation and what happened during the Russia investigation. (Video Below)

“We’re going to see a lot of these criminal referrals move forward. We’re going to see indictments, but not of President Trump, not of President Trump’s family. [We will see] people within the FBI and people within the DOJ and people within the intelligence community, that abused the law and abused the Constitution of the United States.” Carter suggested.

She warned, “The Democrats can keep pushing and pushing and pushing, and they will, but they are only going to exhaust the American public’s patience. People are exhausted of this. They don’t want to see another two years. It’s going to backfire on the Democrats big time.”

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka weighed in after Watters said the Mueller investigation was a “white wash” and a coverup for the dirty dealings of the FBI and DOJ.

“Remember what we saw in the text messages from inside the FBI and the DOJ. We need an insurance policy if Donald Trump wins.” Gorka asked, “This is the the insurance policy. We had two years, 25 million dollars of our taxpayer money wasted…. to prove what? Paul Manafort lied on his mortgage application? This is a travesty.”

“The only reason we had the Mueller probe is because Hillary Clinton lost and they had to have a coverup for everything they did to spy on another presidential campaign. This is the biggest political scandal in American history. We’ve spent two years on a witch hunt, and the President was vindicated. People have to pay a penalty for what they did with our money and how they used the law enforcement powers of this country as a political weapon.” Gorka said bluntly. (Video Below)


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