Blumenthal Makes A Slew Of Demands & Pushes A Watergate Strategy As Barr Signals Redactions

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Like many of his Democrat colleagues, Senator Richard Blumenthal is not happy about Attorney General William Barr’s plan to release the Mueller Report in redacted form.

Barr issued a letter on Friday, saying that he is fully committed to release to release the Mueller Report, but there will be four areas of information not included.

As reported by Washington Examiner the four categories of information that will not be made public, include material related to grand jury proceedings which by law cannot be made public, information deemed by the intelligence community to compromise sensitive sources and methods, details that could affect other ongoing investigations — including those referred by the special counsel’s office to other offices — and material that would “unduly infringe on the personal privacy and reputational interests of peripheral third parties.”

Blumenthal responded to Barr’s letter in a four-part statement, which he demanded Barr hand over a full, un-redacted copy to Congress along with evidence that supports it and provide explanations for all redactions that are made.

He also tried pushing a Watergate strategy on the DOJ and court system as a way to obtain Grand Jury material that Barr will likely withhold.

Blumenthal began his statement with, “Whatever the redactions made by the AG for public disclosure, Congress should be provided with a full, un-redacted copy of the Mueller report, along with the evidence that supports it, including transcripts, documents, etc.” See Below

He continued, “Whatever the redactions made by the AG for public disclosure, the legal justification of every one of them must be explained.”

Blumenthal then said, “Despite his letter saying that the White House will have no opportunity for a sneak preview, Americans deserve an ironclad promise that no claim of executive privilege will be raised. No White House whitewash.”

In conclusion, Blumenthal said, “DOJ should petition for the release of all grand jury material—using the Watergate road map model. If DOJ refuses, the court should act on its own to make documents & testimony public.” Video Below

Video Below

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In ending, we leave you with video of Barr shutting down Blumenthal’s notion that a sitting President can be indicted during a Senate Judiciary hearing.