Nunes Discloses Three Specific Areas Of A ‘Set Up’ He’ll Be Looking For In Mueller’s Report

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House Intel ranking member, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), joined host Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday night, where he weighed in on the upcoming release of the Mueller report.

This comes as Nunes last week, sent 8 criminal referrals to Attorney General William Barr that alleges multiple violations during the Mueller investigation.

The criminal referrals sent from Devin Nunes reportedly includes: conspiracy, going beyond the 8 individuals, and looking into the Steele dossier origins.

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While speaking with Laura Ingraham however, Nunes disclosed three specific areas of a “set up” he’ll be looking for in Mueller’s report on Thursday.

“The first is involved with General Flynn. General Flynn was supposedly entrapped, meeting with a Russian woman. I want to know what really happened there, because we’re just now finding out about this, and we need a lot more information on what General Flynn was doing.” Nunes expressed, “It’s a big deal if somebody within our intelligence agencies were accusing a three star general of having some type of Russian fling. It’s serious stuff, and I want to get to the bottom of that.” (Continued Below)

Nunes said the second big question he has pertains to Joseph Mifsud and explained that Mifsud was how the “whole investigation started.”

“Mueller describes him as some type of Russian asset of some kind. Well, if Joseph Mifsud was a Russian asset, we’ve got big problems with our British and Italian allies, because he seems to be pictured with every British and Italian person we know of.” He added, “Mifsud was the guy that set up Papadopoulos.”

The California Congressman said the third issue he wants to know about is the “infamous Trump Tower meeting.” Nunes said, “When you hear the Democrats talk about ‘evidence in plain sight’… well the Russians that are involved in the infamous Trump Tower meeting in New York, I call them the ‘Fusion GPS Russians.'” (Continued Below)

He explained that Fusion GPS was the company working for the Clinton campaign and the Democrats. “And somehow Glenn Simpson meets with them before and after…. and these are Russians that he’s doing work for?”

Nunes said, “If Mueller can’t get to the bottom of this and answer for the American people, I don’t know what the report was really worth.”

He also mentioned that there have been leaks from someone at a high level, possibly the FBI or DOJ. “I hope we don’t have that problem. I hope we don’t have an issue with redactions where you have people leaking out… what the redactions really mean.”

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The Congressman noted that whatever happens on Thursday, Donald Trump is a free man; there’s no evidence whatsoever of collusion.

“They tried to frame him on obstruction of justice, and they didn’t get him on that either, even though they tried to frame him. This thing is over on Thursday for the American people, but the Democrats in Congress are going to continue to try and investigate, and my guess is, their friends in the media will play a part in that.” (Video Below)


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