Jim Jordan Zeroes In On Strzok In A Bold First Step To Round Up The ‘Comey Cabal’: ‘[They Need To Be Held Accountable’

Image Source: Video Screenshots. Swamp Drain Compilation

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) took to Twitter where he ramped up pressure to figure out the origins of the collusion hoax that was launched deep within the swamp.

Now that the Mueller investigation is over, Jordan wants answers from the swamp rats who started the coup to overthrow President Trump.

Rep. Jordan has been fighting to get the truth for the American people, and he’s fired up now that that “witch hunt” is over.

Jordan wrote on Twitter Tuesday, “It’s time to figure out what the Comey Cabal did at the start of the fake “Russia collusion” investigation.”

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Jordan also suggested, “Comey, Andy McCabe, Jim Baker, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok need to be held accountable for launching this hoax. Each of them were either fired or demoted and left the FBI”. (Continued Below)

The Ohio Congressman didn’t stop there. On Wednesday, he doubled down and posted a video of former FBI agent Peter Strzok who said during a congressional hearing that he would come back to answer questions after the Meuller report was finished.

Jordan wrote on Twitter, “Peter Strzok told us that he would “love to answer each and every one of [our] questions” once the Mueller investigation concluded.”

“The investigation is over. Time to bring Strzok and the rest of the Comey Cabal back in to get those answers.” He announced. (Video Below)

Rep. Jim Jordan’s official tweets:

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