Schiff Cites WaPo’s Fact Checker As Proof That Trump Could Be ‘Most Deceitful’ President In History

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Adam Schiff is desperately pulling from everywhere he can to make President Trump look bad now that the Russia collusion hoax has fallen flat.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report dealt a devastating blow to Schiff, who recently was called out by Bill Maher for looking as if he’s now “stalking” President Trump as a result of his Post-Collusion Hoax antics.

Schiff, however, is ignoring critics and is pushing forward in his own Trump-bashing way.

On Monday, he suggested Trump could be the most deceitful President in history, while citing a claim made by The Washington Post–the same source who began the smear campaign against teenage Trump supporter Nick Sandmann and openly despises the President.

The Washington Post said in a tweet, “The Post’s Fact Checker database has been updated with President Trump’s weekend remarks. He has surpassed 10,000 false claims during his presidency.”

Schiff couldn’t contain himself after reading the tweet and immediately re-posted with a jab stemming from WaPo’s biased “Fact Checker.” See Below

Schiff said, “828 days. 10,111 misleading or false claims. Including 45 falsehoods in 45 minutes on Sean Hannity.”

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He added, “Donald Trump may be the most deceitful president in U.S. history. It is hard to know for sure. But this much is clear: his attack on truth is corrosive to our democracy.” See Below

Yikes! WaPo, really?! You’re gonna need much more backing for a claim like that, Adam!

We leave you with a fairly recent video of Rep. Sean Duffy discussing Adam Schiff.