Rep. Cohen Suggests That Robert Mueller Resigns From The DOJ So He Can Testify This Month

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Democrat Congressman, Steve Cohen, joined CNN’s Chris Cuomo for a brief interview after President Trump expressed that he thinks Special Counsel Robert Mueller shouldn’t testify to Congress.

President Trump’s remarks came after it was announced that Mueller and members Congress reached an agreement for a hearing tentatively scheduled for May 15.

When asked by Cuomo what it’s going to take to make Mueller’s appearance become a reality, Cohen replied that the committee is using the “best evidence rule” as reason to bring Mueller before the committee.

Cohen said, “The person with the most knowledge should be the one to testify. Bob Mueller has the most knowledge of the Mueller Report and should tell the American public what it contains.”

Cohen referred to Mueller’s letter to Attorney General William Barr, and implied that the letter voiced concern that Barr’s summary of Mueller’s findings didn’t reflect the actual report. And he wants to hear what Mueller has to say about it.

Rep. Cohen then went on to say that the committee is doing all it can to make sure Mueller appears this month, but didn’t sound optimistic that it will happen. Video Below

Cuomo asked, “Why wouldn’t it happen? Who can stop it?” Cohen replied the DOJ can stop it since Mueller is still an employee of the Justice Department until, at least, the end of May.

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With that said, Cohen suggested that Mueller should resign before the end of the month so he can testify to Congress. He said, ‘I’d suggest the he resign, and then be able to be free to testify, although there would be certain matters that he can not testify to that were redacted and privileged.” Video Below