Bongino Discloses What He Thinks Is Really Behind Don Jr.’s Subpoena: ‘They Want To Keep The Collusion Hoax Alive’

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Dan Bongino made a brief appearance on Judge Jeanine’s Saturday night program and discussed the topic of Donald Trump Jr.’s subpoena by the Republican-controlled Senate Intel Committee.

Bongino thinks it’s ridiculous that the Senate committee is seeking more answers when Don Jr. already provided several hours of testimony, and they have an over 400 page Mueller report that can be referred to.

Bongino began by saying that Don Jr. should tell the committee to “go pound sand.”

“Did they miss the memo that the collusion story was a hoax?,” Bongino continued. “Did they miss the four hundred and forty-what pages of memo from Bob Mueller himself, who doesn’t even like Donald Trump?”

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He then gave his take on what he thinks is really going on with the decision to subpoena Don Jr. Video Below

Bongino said Richard Burr, the head of the Senate Intel Committee, is “weak.”

“He’s always been weak,” Bongino said. “He’s not a conservative, he’s a fake Republican. That committee is really run by Mark Warner, the Democrat.”

With that said, he theorized that the committee wants Don Jr. there to “keep the hoax alive” because they’re afraid of what will be in the IG report. Video Below