Rudy Giuliani Turns The Tables On Dems Constitutional Crisis Allegation: ‘There Is A Reasonable Case For Legislative Abuse’

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On Sunday, Rudy Giuliani fired back at Democrats and the mainstream media sources who are supporting their cause.

Giuliani, like many Republicans, is not buying the claim of a “constitutional crisis” that’s been spewed across the airwaves ever since Attorney General William Barr was held in contempt by Democrat members of the House.

Republicans argue that Barr is being held in contempt for simply following the law by not handing over Grand Jury material, and Democrats are only trying to muddy him up since he could be on the verge of handing indictments over to their colleagues.

Giuliani fired off a brief round of tweets targeting Democrats’ action towards the Attorney General and the President, as he suggested they are abusing their power.

Giuliani said, “Sol Weisenberg just said it best on F&F. You can’t hold an AG in contempt for refusing to commit a crime and disclose grand jury material.”

He added, “Nadler’s subpoena is an inducement to commit a crime. It’s an unconstitutional assertion of Pelosi’s theory of a superior Legislative branch.” See Below

A couple of hours later, Giuliani sealed off his argument, while taking on Democrats claim of a constitutional crisis.

Rudy said, “It’s amazing how Dems have corrupted much of the media. They buy this constitutional crisis and don’t point out there is a reasonable case for Legislative abuse.”

He then pointed out, “6 investigations, broad requests for documents and witnesses, threats of imprisonment, compromised biased chairmen.” See Below

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In ending, here is video of Lara Trump discussing “gifts” Democrats keep giving Republicans for the 2020 campaign season.