Meadows Pinpoints The Core Reason For Dems Barr Attack, Exposes Comey’s ‘Spin Job’

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Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) took to Twitter on Monday where he weighed in on former FBI Director, James Comey, and his latest notion that spying did not occur.

Comey faced questions from Anderson Cooper at a CNN town hall in Washington D.C. exactly two years to the day after President Trump fired Comey.

Several Republicans have called out Comey for misleading America on collision, along with peddling the notion that the FBI did not spy.

Attorney General William Barr said that he believes “spying” did occur. Comey played dumb when asked about Barr’s statement and responded, “I can’t explain it. The only explanation I can think of is because the President uses it?”

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Rep. Meadows, however, pinpointed the core reason why Democrats are attacking the Attorney General along with exposing Comey’s “spin job”. (Continued Below)

Rep. Meadows wrote on Twitter, “There’s a simple reason why the left is attacking Bill Barr, and why the old FBI/DOJ brass (Comey, etc.) are running a full steam PR operation… Because Bill Barr cares about the institutions, and he’s looking for the truth behind the origins of the “collusion” investigation.”

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Meadows then fired off: “James Comey spent 2 years misleading Americans on ‘collusion’ when he knew the FBI never had evidence. And he’s doing the exact same thing now with his attempted spin job RE: ‘spying.’ They spied on Trump without proper predicate. He knows it. Documents will show the truth.” (Continued Below)

On Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan also confirmed, “We know that spying took place, we know two instances.”

He further explained, “One, they went and got a warrant from the FISA court, the now famous dossier was the basis for that warrant to go spy on the other parties campaign. The dossier was an opposition research document from the Clinton campaign, and they didn’t tell the court about important facts about the dossier– like who paid for it: the Clinton campaign. Christopher Steele the guy who wrote it was ‘desperate to stop Trump’, had communicated that to the Justice Department.” 

Jordan listed the other instance, “We know just last week, The New York Times has the report where they planted someone posing as someone else to go after George Papadopolous, to set him up.”

Jordan added, “If that’s not spying, I don’t know what is. To get in this fight over a warrant makes no sense.” (Continued Below) 

Rep. Mark Meadows’ official tweets:

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