Cruz Reacts As Barr Appoints Durham To Investigate Russia Probe Origins: ‘I’m Very Glad Barr Is Demanding Some Accountability’

Cruz, DurhamFOX Video Screen Shot, Wikipedia

While joining Sean Hannity on Monday, Ted Cruz reacted to the Attorney General William Barr’s decision to appoint John Durham as special prosecutor to investigate the origins of the probe into President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Cruz began by stating that he is glad that Barr made the decision to appoint Durham because he has been troubled by the prospects of the intelligence community being used as a political weapon to target adversaries. And he feels there should be “accountability.”

Cruz said, “We need to investigate it
We need to investigate how politicized it was. And, in particular, we need to see what were the roles of the political appointees.”

“Who signed off on it?,” he continued. “Was it Loretta Lynch? Was it John Brennan? Was it Joe Biden? Was it President Obama himself? That kind of accountability we need to know and the public deserves answers.”

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Cruz then turned attention to his concern about Hillary Clinton’s emails violating laws concerning keeping classified documents classified. He pointed out how even former FBI Director James Comey called Hillary’s actions “gross negligence.” Video Below

Cruz went on to say, “But there’s also very deliberately an effort to destroy evidence, an effort to smash phones with a hammer, using bleach bit…to erase hard drives.”

He said such conduct relates to a “guilty conscience trying to hide criminal conduct.”

Cruz concluded, “And we need to have accountability. We need to have accountability for each and every person who violated the law. Law enforcement should be non-partisan. It shouldn’t be a political weapon used on those who happen to be on the other side.” Video Below