DiGenova Reveals How Obama, Biden & Other Top Officials Knew Comey Was ‘Blackmailing’ Trump

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On Saturday, Joe diGenova made a special appearance on Judge Jeanine’s program straight from his home to give his reaction on the latest related to Attorney General Barr’s investigation into Russia probe origins.

DiGenova said that appointing John Durham before the IG Report is “drawing people in, and it’s having a profoundly positive effect on the investigation.”

“You see the rats scurrying–Comey, Clapper, Brennan…James Baker, particularly–all basically making public statements, which are going to be used against them in grand juries,” diGenova continued. “The fact that they continue to talk, shows that they believe they have a problem and that their stories haven’t held up.”

DiGenova went on to discuss how Barr said that he hasn’t gotten all of the answers as to how the Russia probe started in the first place. This is so important because it indicates FBI Director Wray hasn’t done a thing to look into potential misconduct by former FBI officials. Otherwise, Barr would have a much better understanding of what went on.

DiGenova declared Wray is nothing but an “empty suit” since ‘he has refused to investigate because he wants to protect the institution (FBI).” He also said Wray is a “Comey act-alike” and that he “loves James Comey.”

“James Comey is talking because he is delusional,” diGenova said. “He’s a man so self-possessed, so self-righteous, but he believes nothing will ever happen to him. He is a very, very, very strange man.” Video Below

DiGenova then took on former FBI counsel James Baker and top Obama Administration officials who knew that Comey was blackmailing the Trump. He said, “Comey was blackmailing the President of the United States. And what’s interesting is that nobody stopped Comey, including James Baker.”

DiGenova cited a meeting that took place at the White House the day before Trump was blackmailed. The meeting involved President Obama, Vice President Biden, James Comey, Sally Yates and Susan Rice and they discussed the counter-intelligence investigation into President-elect Trump.

With that, diGenova concluded, “Barack Obama knew that James Comey was going to blackmail the incoming President of the United States.” Video Below