Sen. Blumenthal Reacts To Trump Giving AG Barr The Power To Declassify: ‘I Am Baffled’

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Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal was “baffled” upon finding out that President Trump gave authority to Attorney General Barr to publicly declassify documents related to the surveillance of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Blumenthal also accused President Trump of “dangerously” politicizing intel declassification by giving Attorney General Barr power to investigate his “foes.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Blumenthal on Thursday evening, following the news of Trump’s decision.

Blumenthal began by citing the memorandum sent out by Trump that discussed the Barr’s authority to declassify whatever he feels necessary as part of his review of past intelligence activities. And he asked that all agencies promptly comply with Attorney General Barr during the review.

Blumenthal said, “I am baffled by this memorandum. There seems absolutely no reason for it. Agencies have a legal obligation to cooperate with the Attorney General of the United States.”

He then suggested that whatever the President is doing is more of a “distraction” with a “dull, rusty object instead of a bright, shiny one.” Video Below

Blumenthal said there are already two investigations going on, and that he believes the Mueller report contains ample enough evidence that shows the origin of the Russia probe began with “credible information.”

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In a later tweet, Blumenthal said, “Trump dangerously politicizes intelligence declassification—giving his henchman AG sweeping powers to weaponize classified info against political foes. No safeguards, no accountability, no respect for intel sources—a deeply perilous recipe to distract from mounting troubles.” See Below


In ending, here is Bill Mitchell’s response to Blumenthal.