Pastor Jeffress Breaks His Silence On Pelosi Praying For Trump: ‘Praying For People While You’re Attacking Them Is Impossible’

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi claimed she will “pray for the President” after a meeting on infrastructure was cancelled by Trump right as it was supposed to take place.

Trump was infuriated that right before the meeting was scheduled to take place, Pelosi accused him of being involved in a “cover-up.”

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Pastor Robert Jeffress, who is very close to President Trump, had an opportunity to weigh in on Pelosi’s remarks about praying for the President.

Jeffress began by stating, “I think there’s plenty of reasons to be skeptical about the prayers of Saint Nancy for Donald Trump.”

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He explained, “While the Bible says praying for other people while they’re attacking you is admirable, praying for people while you’re attacking them is impossible.” Video Below

“I mean when Jesus was on the cross, he was praying for people who were attacking him,” Jeffress continued. “But I guarantee you, David, those Roman soldiers were not praying for Jesus as they were nailing him to the cross, anymore than Nancy Pelosi is praying for Donald Trump while trying to destroy him.”

But on a positive note, there is some good news, according to Jeffress, in regards to prayers for Trump.

He said, “There are millions of Christians who do pray for President Trump every day, as he goes under the most unfair, undeserved, fiercest accusations of any President in history.” Video Below