Sara Carter Turns The Tables On Dems Investigation Mania: ‘Let’s Put All The Cards On The Table’

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On Sunday, Sara Carter sounded off on Democrats for trying to investigate every little aspect about President Trump’s life now that the 2-year Mueller probe is over with, and it didn’t turn out as they had hoped.

Carter told Steve Hilton of Fox’s The Next Revolution that perhaps maybe it’s time that Republicans turn the tables on Democrats in wake of their investigation obsession.

Carter said, “Let’s just put everything out on the line, put all the cards on the table. Let’s investigate the Democrats too.”

“If they want to investigate President Trump, let’s not just stop with them, Steve,” she continued. “Let’s investigate their families, their children, their connections.”

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Sara asked, “How did they handle money? Did they meet people while they were in office? How is it possible that people like Maxine Waters come into office with a relatively normal bank account and leave with millions of dollars? Or Nancy Pelosi and her business dealings with her husband?” Videos Below

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Carter went on to say, “You know what’s so brilliant about President Trump? And in history, they will write about this. That he continues to do the work for the American people despite all of these attacks.”