Comey Says Barr ‘Offers No Facts’ & ‘Echoing Conspiracy Theories’, Instantly Gets Roasted

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Attorney General Willaim Barr interviewed with CBS News after special counsel Robert Mueller delivered a statement about the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Former FBI Director James Comey, seemingly scared, took to Twitter to respond to Barr’s interview and claimed that the Attorney General echoed “conspiracy theories” and “offered no facts.”

In his interview, the Attorney General was asked what he thought about Robert Mueller’s press briefing, specifically the part where he said that he couldn’t make a decision about whether the President committed obstruction.

Asked if he agreed with Mueller’s interpretation of the matter, Barr replied, “I personally felt he could’ve reached a decision,” adding that Mueller had his reasons for doing it and that he was not going to “argue” about the reasons Mueller provided on why he didn’t make a decision.

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Barr is looking into the origins of the counterintelligence investigation into Trump’s campaign over misconduct concerns by some officials, including Comey, and has tasked U.S. Attorney John Durham with leading a review, per Washington Examiner. (Continued Below)

“I think the activities were undertaken by a small group at the top which is one of the… probably one of the mistakes that has been made instead of running this as a normal bureau investigation or counterintelligence investigation. It was done by the executives at the senior level, out of headquarters,” Barr said during his interview.

Asked if he was talking about Comey or former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Barr declined to specify, but said, “I’m just not going to get into the individual names at this point. But I just view that– I don’t view it as a bureau-wide issue. And I will say the same thing for other intelligence agencies. And they’re being very cooperative in helping us,” he said.

However, James Comey wasn’t pleased and vented his frustrating on Twitter Saturday writing, “Bill Barr on CBS offers no facts. An AG should not be echoing conspiracy theories. He should gather facts and show them. That is what Justice is about.” (Continued Below)

James Comey’s official tweet:

Comey was immediately roasted on Twitter after claiming that Barr is echoing “conspiracy theories”, and “offered no facts”.

Investigative reporter, Sara A. Carter responded, “Comey should be worried about the real intelligence being collected by the DOJ that allegedly involves him and his failure to uphold the standards of the FBI”.

Buck Sexton wrote, “This absurd, bad faith analysis from Comey should on its own be disqualifying”.

Dan Bongino said, “Whoever is giving Jim Comey legal advice should immediately surrender their law license. It’s rare to see someone with an ego as big as Jim’s be surrounded by such complete ignoramuses.”

Daily Wire reporter, Ryan Saavedra suggested that “Comey sounds nervous”.

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Bryan Dean Wright explained, “Comey & Brennan briefed a dossier alleging treason despite giving it “no particular credence” and dismissing it as “unverified” days after they shared it with a new President. Comey knows a little something about echoing conspiracy theories. AG Barr is about to jail him for it.”

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We leave you with with the best response of the day, which is in reference to what Comey said about the Steele dossier:

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