Rep Collins Sends Letters To Barr & Horowitz Regarding The Discovery Of FBI Misconduct

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On Thursday, Rep. Doug Collins (R-TX) sent a letters to both Attorney General William Barr and Inspector General Michael Horowitz in regards apparent misconduct by a high-ranking FBI official.

In the middle of the week, the Inspector General’s office released a summary detailing multiple forms of misconduct discovered in its investigation of an unnamed Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI.

They cited that the official leaked information that was sealed to the press, leaked law enforcement sensitive information to the press on multiple occasions, and had multiple official contacts with the press without authorization, which are FBI violations.

In his letters, which can be seen below, Collins addressed the violations and inquired about how Barr and Horowitz plan on handling the matter moving forward. In the letter to Barr, Collins had the following five questions:

1.) Did the OIG refer the DAD discussed in yesterday’s Summary to the Department for prosecution? Did the Department decline prosecution? Why?

2.) Is the investigation into James Baker still ongoing? Continued Below

3.) Did the OIG criminal referral regarding Andrew McCabe develop into an investigation? If yes, is it ongoing and what is the status?

4.) How many active cases does the Department have regarding classified leaks?

5.) Has the Department recently conducted a criminal investigation into James Comey regarding possible leaking of classified information? If so, how did that investigation originate, and what is the status of that investigation? See Below

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In the letter to Horowitz, Collins had the following five questions:

1.) Is Peter Strzok the DAD referenced in the report?

2.) Was this case referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution?

3.) Did the Department decline to prosecute? If so, why?

4.) Was the appropriate federal court notified an FBI agent disclosed to the media existence of information that had been filed under seal? If not, why not? If so, what, if any, action was taken by the Court?

5.) Is your office’s investigation into James Comey still ongoing? If not, what was the resolution of your investigation? If so, when do you anticipate issuing a report on the matter? See Below

Official Letter From Rep. Doug Collins To AG Barr

Courtesy Of The House Judiciary Committee

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Official Letter From Rep. Doug Collins To IG Horowitz

Courtesy of The House Judiciary Committee