Swalwell Promotes His Diaper Changing Skills In New Fundraising Clip, Instantly Backfires

In a new desperate attempt to raise money for his presidential campaign, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), promoted his diaper changing skills in a bizarre fundraising video on Twitter on Sunday.

Swalwell’s post, however, instantly backfired as he was mocked for his unusual attempt on social media to stay relevant in a crowded field of Democrat presidential hopefuls.

Much like many of the Democratic candidates taking to social media with their new approaches at reaching their base, such as Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who streamed a dentist visit and got a hair cut, or Sen. Elizabeth Warren who live-streamed drinking a beer, Swalwell tried to jump on the “Hey look at me, I’m normal too, bandwagon”, only to seemingly fail at his doomed approach.

In his video on Twitter, Rep. Swalwell, who has struggled to gain a foothold in the 2020 field, is seen changing the diaper of a baby girl, apparently his daughter Kathryn.

The text displayed over the video says, ‘If Eric can clean s#*% up at home… he can clean it up in Washington,’ before asking for a $1 donation from supporters.

He wrote along with his video, “Will you donate $1 now to get me to the debate stage? I’m ready to clean s#*% up! Give $1 now”. (Video Below)

This is what 0% polling looks like. Rep. Swalwell’s official tweet:

Swalwell tried to defend himself after the responses came in and pivoted to attacking President Trump:

Twitterverse responded and here are a few of our favorites:

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