Lou Dobbs On SpyGate: ‘Why Is Hillary Clinton, To This Very Day, Untouchable?’

Investigative journalist for The Hill, John Solomon, joined host Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Monday where he discussed the matters behind the Steele dossier and questions for Hillary Clinton who funded it.

Solomon describes how the Clinton machine flooded the FBI with pressure — and bad intel.

Lou Dobbs first explained during the segment, that Solomon wrote an article that details how Hillary Clinton gained dozens of “IOU’s” from patrons, who then donated to the Clinton Foundation, adding that Solomon argues “It’s time for the American public to call in their own ‘IOU’s on political transparency and to get some answers.”

Why is Hillary Clinton, to this very day, untouchable?” Dobbs asked the burning question. [Emphasized]

Solomon finds it remarkable and responded, “It’s been 18 months since we learned the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the Steele dossier. We now learned that FBI, the key evidence, was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and yet, not a single reporter has asked a question at any venue where Mrs. Clinton has appeared in the last 18 months, and her campaign has not responded in 18 months to Senate Judiciary Committee’s request for documents and answers.”

“What did she know? When did she know it? Her campaign, her apparatus, Christopher Steele, launched an FBI investigation. Her campaign flooded the FBI with bad intel, and no one’s ever asked her the questions,” Solomon pointed out. (Continued Below)

Dobbs quoted a paragraph from Solomon’s article that reads: “Never before — until 2016 — had the apparatus of a U.S. presidential candidate managed to sic the weight of the FBI and U.S. intelligence community on a rival nominee during an election, and by using a foreign-fed, uncorroborated political opposition research document.”

“That is the essence of the political outrage and what we still don’t know much about,” Dobbs said.

Solomon replied, “This was a giant political dirty trick and the FBI and the CIA and other intelligence apparatus were used to carry it out. We now know that two and half years later, there was no collusion, but someone created the illusion of collusion for two years. The FBI in the lead, and Mrs. Clinton’s political opposition research team in the rear feeding it. It’s absolutely remarkable that she hasn’t been asked any questions.” (Continued Below)

Solomon’s 10 essential questions:

Via The Hill:

  1. In January 2018, the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a formal investigative request for documents and written answers from your campaign. Do you plan to comply?
  2. Please identify each person in your campaign who was involved with, or aware of, hiring Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele.
  3. Please identify each person in your campaign, including Perkins Coie lawyers, who were aware that Steele provided information to the FBI or State Department, and when they learned it.
  4. Describe any information you and your campaign staff received, or were briefed on, before Election Day that was derived from the work of Simpson, Steele, Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr or Perkins Coie and that tried to connect Trump, his campaign or his business empire with Russia.
  5. Please describe all contacts your campaign had before Election Day with or about the following individuals: Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, former foreign policy scholar Stefan Halper and Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud.
  6. Did you or any senior members of your campaign, including lawyers such as Michael Sussmann, have any contact with the CIA, its former Director John Brennan, current Director Gina Haspel, James Baker, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page or former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe?
  7. Describe all contacts your campaign had with Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal concerning Trump, Russia and Ukraine.
  8. Describe all contacts you and your campaign had with DNC contractorAlexander Chalupa, the Ukraine government, the Ukraine Embassy in the United States or the U.S. Embassy in Kiev concerning Trump, Russia or former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.
  9. Why did your campaign and the Democratic Party make a concerted effort to portray Trump as a Russian asset?
  10. Given that investigations by a House committee, a Senate committee and a special prosecutor all have concluded there isn’t evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, do you regret the actions by your campaign and by Steele, Simpson and Sussmann to inject these unfounded allegations into the FBI, the U.S. intelligence community and the news media?

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“Hillary Clinton owes us answers to each of these questions. She should skip the lawyer-speak and answer them with the candor worthy of an elder American stateswoman,” Soloman added.


Watch the full remarks:

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