DiGenova Reacts To Steele Meeting With Investigators: ‘The Walls Are Beginning To Close In On The FBI Fraudsters’

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On Tuesday, news broke that Russian dossier author, Christopher Steele, has agreed to meet with investigators related to origins of the Russia probe.

In reaction to the news, Joe diGenova believes this is a sign that “the walls are beginning to close in” on intel officials who may have abused their powers.

While appearing on Hannity, diGenova said, “He (Steele) obviously made a strategic decision because he is going to be interviewed by John Durham.”

“He’s gonna talk to John Durham and his people,” diGenova continued. “So, there’s obviously some sort of deal that’s been worked out. This is great news.”

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The only downfall, according to diGenova, is that there could be some limitations on what can be asked during the meeting. Video Below

“But this is what’s important,” diGenova said. “He has to tell the truth to Durham. Because even though his testimony will be given oversees, he could be indicted in the United States if he lies to Durham.”

“So I assume he’s gonna tell the truth, cause this is the big, this is the big casino now. And what he’s gonnna prove is that the FBI lied in the FISA warrant, and they lied to Congress, and they lied to everybody about what they knew about Steele’s behavior,” he declared.

DiGenova then concluded, “The walls are beginning to close in on the FBI fraudsters.” Video Below