Maher Predicts Trump ‘Won’t Go’ If He Loses In 2020, Geraldo Fires Back: ‘This Is The Same Maher Who Accused Trump Of Being Putin’s B—-‘

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While appearing with Chris Cuomo on CNN, Bill Maher suggested that if President Trump lost the 2020 election, he won’t leave the White House.

Maher said, “If he loses…Trump…he won’t go.”

He continued, “I’ve been saying that since before he got elected, that if he loses the second time, if he loses the coming election he — Michael Cohen said that. Nancy Pelosi echoed, said that — a lot of people now.”

Maher went on to say that people should be worried about it, and then tried tying Trump to Fascism. Maher backed up his claim by bringing up his “dictator checklist” that he reads off on his show and he accused Trump of doing “banana republic” stuff with his administration.

He then reiterated, “I absolutely think he will not leave.”

Geraldo Rivera fired back after seeing the clip posted on Twitter of Maher making these remarks. See Below

Geraldo replied, “This is the same Bill Maher who accused @realDonaldTrump of being “Putin’s Bitch” and a traitor.”

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He added, “He also owes me a grand bet that there was collusion with Russia, another of Maher’s delusions.” See Below

Geraldo Rivera Responds To Bill Maher

In ending, here is video of Geraldo and Maher sparring over the Russia collusion hoax.