Trump Gets The Last Laugh As Pro-Impeach Rallies Flop Flat: ‘Almost Nobody Showed Up’

President Trump got the last laugh after “almost nobody showed up” at planned rallies around the country to support the impeachment of President Trump.

LA Daily News reported rallies that were scattered across southern California were “relatively small and calm,” which appeared to be the trend elsewhere. Trump issued a statement Sunday morning as news of the big flop spread.

Trump said via Twitter, “Yesterday was the Radical Left Democrats big Impeachment day.”

He added, “They worked so hard to make it something really big and special but had one problem – almost nobody showed up.”

Trump then quoted Fox News and Jedidiah Bila who said, “The Media admits low turnout for anti-Trump rallies. All around the Country people are saying enough. Democrat voters want to hear the politicians talking about issues. This is a huge distraction and will only help Donald Trump get elected. ‘Greatest President since Ronald Reagan,’ said a counter-protester.”

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President Trump’s Official Tweet

Here is a video of Fox News covering the impeach Trump rallies, where they said only a few hundred showed up in New York.