Collins Responds After Pelosi Says Impeachment Is Divisive: Smearing Trump Every Day Is More Divisive

Collins, PelosiFox Video Screen Grabs

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to tame down ongoing calls to impeach Trump by warning her party that the process of impeachment is divisive.

Rep. Doug Collins took a moment to address Pelosi’s remarks while appearing on Fox News for an interview.

Collins reminded views how the left have attacked President Trump from the moment he won the 2016 election until present.

Referring to Pelosi’s comment in regards to the divisiveness of impeachment, Collins said, “Well let me ask you a question: Is it more divisive to do impeachment…or to continually, every day, smear a President who’s doing a good job?”

He added, “And, every day, bring it up in the press and every day, bring it up with their cohorts to sayn ‘This President is a bad person. This President has done wrong.'”

Collins declared, “That’s more divisive to this country, and I think she needs to think about that.” Video Below