Adam Schiff Warns Mueller Is On The Brink Of Being Subpoenaed: ‘We’re Running Out Of Time’

Mueller, SchiffArchived Screen Shot, CNN Screen Shot

House Intel Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, is getting anxious about the prospects of Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifying in front of Congress.

On Sunday Schiff revealed to CNN that discussions between House committee members and the Special Counsel’s office are still in the works in regards to getting Mueller to appear before Congress.

If negotiations aren’t wrapped soon, however, Schiff hinted that Mueller may be facing a subpoena, because he thinks time is running out.

Schiff said, “We have been in private discussions with the special counsel’s office. It’s not clear that he will refuse to come and voluntarily — we are negotiating what the conditions of that appearance might be.”

“But, yes, we are running out of time,” he continued. “It’s my hope that we’ll reach a final conclusion.”

“Either he’s gonna come in voluntarily or we’re gonna have to subpoena him. I hope we’ll reach that decision this week,” Schiff concluded. Video Below


In ending, here is video of Schiff saying that he is “not prepared to recommend” that President Trump gets impeached, and under what conditions he would do so.