Jeb Bush Posts ‘Three Presidents Die On July 4: Just A Coincidence?’, Instantly Backfires

Jeb BushArchived Video Screen Shots

So, what was Jeb Bush doing on the morning of July 4th? Oh, not much…just reminiscing about how three former Presidents died on this exact day and wondering if it was all a coincidence.

Jeb posted an article and captioned it verbatim the title of it, which was “Three Presidents Die on July 4th: Just a Coincidence?” Why would he post such a thing?

Jeb has repeatedly shown — on again, off again — disdain towards President Trump, after being beaten so badly by him in the 2016 primaries. One has to wonder if this was just another way of him letting the world know how he really feels about America’s Commander-In-Chief.

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Upon posting the mysterious tweet, Bush was instantly met with backfire by Twitterverse.

Below is a collection of some of the most highly-engaged comments to Jeb’s tweet.

Jeb Bush’s Initial July 4th Tweet (Reactions Below)

Some Of The Most-Engaged Reactions To Jeb Bush’s 4th of July Tweet

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