Acting ICE Director Reacts As Mayors Encourage Migrants To Resist Deportation Efforts: ‘It’s Incredulous’

ICE, Albence, Sanctuary City Mayors

Acting ICE Director Matt Albence gave his reaction to sanctuary city mayors who are encouraging potentially targeted migrants to resist mass deportation efforts by ICE.

Mayors of cities that are expected to be in ICE’s crosshairs, such as Denver, San Francisco and Atlanta, spoke out against the sweeping raids and put their full backing behind the immigration community, signaling their unwillingness to comply with ICE as they try carrying out court-ordered deportations.

After seeing clips of various mayors making statements against ICE, Albence did not appear to be deterred from pushing forward and vowed to carry out the rule of law.

He said, “I think the entire public is safer when law enforcement works together.”

“It’s incredulous that it’s ok for these law enforcement agencies in these jurisdictions to enforce the laws that they’re sworn to uphold, but when we come in to do our enforcement that we’re sworn to uphold, all of a sudden it’s a problem,” Albence continued.

He mentioned the “Declined Detainer Report,” which highlights dangers that are caused by sanctuary cities’ policies. Video Below

As an example, he mentioned a case where a detainer was launched for an illegal immigrant who was arrested in Los Angeles for possession of a controlled substance. The county chose not to honor the detainer request and he was arrested the following month for murder. The same thing happened in San Francisco with an illegal immigrant who was arrested 10 times, and the city refused to comply with the detainer request.

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Albence said, “The sad part is a lot of the law enforcement agencies, they want to cooperate with us. It’s the politicians and it’s these jurisdictions that prevent them from doing so.” Video Below