Author Says ‘If You’re Supporting Trump, You Are A Racist’; Dean Cain Fires Back: ‘You’re Not Very Bright’

Left-wing journalist Vegas Tenold, and author of the book “Everything You Love Will Burn,” appeared on MSNBC to weigh in on the drama surrounding President Trump and “The Squad” of four Democrat Congresswomen in recent days.

Tenold targeted Trump supporters in his reaction to President Trump sarcastically insisting that four Democratic congresswomen should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came” before criticizing policies in the U.S.

Tenold believes that not only is President Trump “racist” for making such remarks, but anyone who supports him in the aftermath of his Twitter attacks on the Congresswomen is racist as well.

The Daily Caller posted a short clip of Tenold making his bold declaration, where he said, “If you’re supporting Trump, you are a racist at this point. I’m not afraid to say it and no one should be.”

Conservative Actor, Dean Cain, was not convinced by what the author suggested to MSNBC, and promptly shut the thought down upon seeing it.

Cain retweeted the the video of Tenold making his remarks and simply captioned it, “You’re not very bright. I’m not afraid to say it.” See Below

Dean Cain Shuts Down Author’s Notion Regarding Trump Supporters

In ending, we leave you with Cain’s quick smackdown of a Twitter user who suggests he’s racist.

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