Meadows Exhibits How He Knows The Mueller Hearing ‘Isn’t About Transparency’ For Dems: ‘This Isn’t About Transparency’

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Unless there is another delay, Mueller is set to appear in front of two Congressional committees this Wednesday.

And Democrats are fully embracing the opportunity to hopefully cast darkness on President Trump’s 2020 chances, according to Congressman Mark Meadows.

One of the sole purposes for Congressional committees and the hearings they hold is to bring forth more transparency.

However, Rep. Meadows does not think it’s transparency that is driving Democrats to haul Mueller before Congress for Wednesday’s hearings.

In fact, the hearings are really only “2020 campaign event for the left,” according to Meadows, and he supported backing for why he feels this way.

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Meadows said, “Democrats privately orchestrating the Mueller hearing this week to be a 2020 campaign event for the left.”

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“This isn’t about transparency. If it was, we’d be talking about the evidence of blatant FISA abuse, warrantless secret recordings, and declassifying documents,” he concluded. Video Below

Official Tweet From Mark Meadows

In ending, here is video of Tom Fitton weighing in on how the Mueller hearing will play out.