Meadows Roasts Dems For Holding A Practice Session A Day Before The Hearing: ‘It’s As If ‘They’re Putting On A School Play’

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With less than 24 hours before Robert Mueller is set to make an appearance before two Congressional committees, Democrats are apparently doing everything they can think of to get locked, loaded and fully prepared.

Several Democrats are already banking on the prospects that Wednesday’s hearing will lead directly to their dream of Trump being impeached. And they aren’t messing around, as Rep. Mark Meadows confirmed earlier reports that Democrats are holding mock hearings to practice for the real deal.

Not only are they holding mock hearings, but Democrats are also practicing 5 minute clips, according to Meadows, and setting up a social media “war room” of all things!

And for what purpose? That’s what Meadows is trying to figure out, especially since the hearing deals with a case against President Trump that was closed months ago.

Could this be, yet another, hyped up pinnacle by the media and Democrats that will turn into another giant nothing burger? Who knows.

However, one thing is clear: This is big time stuff for Democrats heading into Wednesday. See Below

Meadows roasted Democrats over their pre-hearing shenanigans in a statement via Twitter that read, “House Democrats holding mock hearings, practicing 5 minute clips, and even setting up a social media ‘war room’… for a Mueller hearing on a collusion case that closed 4 months ago.

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“This is your House Democrat majority, spending their time as if they’re putting on a school play,” he concluded. See Below

Official Tweet By Mark Meadows

In ending, here is video of Dan Bongino explaining how Mueller’s hearing is a “golden opportunity for Republicans.