Brennan Met With Instant Backlash After Suggesting Ratcliffe Won’t ‘Put The Nation First’: ‘He’s Panicking’

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On Sunday, President Trump was proud to announce his decision to nominate John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as the next Director of National Intelligence.

The move by Trump came in wake of Coats stepping down from the post and received mixed reactions, as Republicans embraced the prospects of Ratcliffe becoming the next DNI. While Democrats, on the other hand, were severely troubled that Ratcliffe could have a major role in the intel community after having a history of speaking out against the origins of the Russia probe and siding with Trump on a number of issues.

Among those who despised Trump’s decision to nominate Ratcliffe was former CIA Director John Brennan.

In his reaction to Trump choosing Ratcliffe, Brennan said, “Dan Coats served ably & with deep integrity. Ratcliffe showed abject subservience to Trump in Mueller hearings.”

“The women & men in the Intelligence Community deserve a leader like Coats who puts nation first; not a servile Trump loyalist like Ratcliffe,” Brennan concluded.

Dan Bongino, Mollie Hemmingway and others dealt Brennan immediate backlash after seeing his remarks on Twitter. See Below

“He’s panicking. This tyrant is about to be exposed for his grotesque abuses of power and his endless lying. Stay tuned,” Bongino said in response to Brennan.

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In her reaction to Brennan, Mollie Hemmingway said, “Brennan, one of the central figures of the Russia collusion hoax both when he worked for Obama and as an anti-Trump pundit, is harshly criticizing Ratcliffe for his skepticism of same.” See Below

Dan Bongino & Mollie Hemmingway React To Brennan’s Remarks On Ratcliffe

In ending, here are a couple more of the most highly engaged reactions to Brennan’s comments on Ratcliffe: