Omar Navarro Calls Out Maxine’s Peculiar Impeach Silence Since Mueller’s Hearing: ‘We Haven’t Heard A Peep Out Of [Her]’

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Anti-Trump Maxine Waters (D-CA) has called President Trump every name in the book, along with suggesting he should be put behind bars after he is impeached by Congress.

Maxine has called for the Commander in Chief to be impeached since he became President alleging that he “conspired with the Kremlin and oligarchs of Russia.”

Two days before former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before two congressional committees, Swamp Drain reported that Maxine took to Twitter with a series of tweets where she fired off about impeachment and sending President Trump to prison. She cited the Michael Cohen case, which recently was concluded, as backing for her thoughts.

In one of her tweets, Maxine wrote, “Michael Cohen is serving 3 yrs for the crimes that he committed w/ and for the President of the USA. Many are wondering why this case was closed. It ain’t over until it’s over & it ain’t over until Trump is held responsible for all of his crimes. Impeachment first, prison next!”

While Robert Mueller testified, however, Democrats and their allies in the media were disappointed with the former special counsel’s performance, further acknowledging that it didn’t sway Americans on impeachment.

Maxine’s nemesis from the 43rd district of California, Omar Navarro, took note of the fact that Maxine has been peculiarly silent since the hearing, and he took to Twitter to call her out. (Continued Below) 

Navarro wrote on Friday after the hearing, “After Maxine Waters tweeted 5 times in 1 day about Mueller and impeaching Trump, now (4 days later and 2 days after Mueller’s disastrous testimony) we haven’t heard a peep out of Maxine.”

“There’s no collusion and she knows it. #ByeByeKremlinKlan,” he added.

Navarro also posted a video in support of President Trump and said that he is “using his platform to reelect Donald J. Trump,” adding, “If I get my butt kicked against Maxine so be it. But at least we reelect the President.” (Continued Below) 

Navarro went on to say, “At least this Latino right here makes sure that the other Latinos that are out there don’t think that this President’s a racist. Come on. And I support Trump 100 percent.”

He also tweeted, “I am running against Maxine Waters in 2020. I will beat her and shock the world. #Navarro2020#MAGA”

Omar Navarro’s official tweets and video:

*Navarro tweeted this on Friday, however, Maxine still hasn’t said a word.*

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