Comey Breaks His Silence On Not Being Prosecuted As Meadows Hints The Worst Is Yet To Come: ‘I Love Transparency’

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On Thursday, the DOJ decided not to prosecute James Comey on charges of leaking classified information following the Inspector General’s referral.

While the move would normally be looked at as a win for Comey and his supporters, Republicans are speculating that the only reason why no action was taken against Comey is because investigators are going after the former FBI Director for higher crimes.

According to Mark Meadows, the lack of response seen out of Comey since the announcement was made should signal that the worst is yet to come.

Meadows wrote in a tweet, “As the IG report on Comey approaches, we’re getting the sound of silence. No Comey tweets. No softball interviews. Must be tougher when you get questioned by a DOJ Inspector General.”

“The truth is coming. His actions will come to light. And the verdict won’t be pretty,” Meadows declared.

Meadows triggered a reaction out of Comey, who responded just moments after Meadows posted his statement on Twitter.

Comey wrote, “I love transparency. I just wait for facts before I talk about them.”

“I’m confident the results of all IG reports will show honest public servants worked hard to protect this country from a threat this president and his enablers won’t acknowledge,” he added.

Then in snarky fashion, Comey said, “And @ me next time, bruh.” See Below

James Comey Responds To Mark Meadows

In ending, here is video of Devin Nunes discussing Comey’s leaks: