Rep Cohen Calls Trump A ‘Criminal’ As Majority Of Dems Now Support Impeachment Inquiry

Steve CohenMSNBC Screen Shot

Congressman Steve Cohen’s hopes for impeaching President Trump grew to an all-time high on Friday in wake of news that majority of House Democrats support an impeachment inquiry.

Cohen tweeted an article by Politico confirming that “more than half of House Democrats say they would vote to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.”

The anti-Trump congressman took a shot at the President in his post on Twitter, where he called Trump a “criminal.”

Cohen said, “The majority of House Democrats now support an Impeachment Investigation. We can’t ignore the corruption & obstruction we witness every day from this Administration.”

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“Trump is a criminal; we must hold him accountable. No one is above the law,” he declared. See Below

Steve Cohen’s Official Tweet

In ending, here is video of Mike Huckabee advising Democrats to stop talking about impeachment: