Schiff & Rosenstein Both Endorse Sue Gordon For DNI, Don Jr. Shuts Them Down: ‘If Schiff Wants Her There…’

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President Trump is back to square one on selecting the next nominee to replace Dan Coats as Director of National security.

On Friday, Trump announced that John Ratcliffe turned down Trump’s decision to nominate him as the next DNI. The President cited Ratcliffe’s current and pending poor treatment by the media and the left as reasoning for why Ratcliffe decided not to move forward.

As news of Ratcliffe’s decision began to circulate, Congressman Adam Schiff put in his two cents of who he thinks Trump should pick as the next DNI.

According to Fox’s Chad Pergram, Schiff said, “Sue Gordon is superbly qualified to serve as Acting Director of National Intelligence. Rather than seeking to sideline Sue Gordon, the President should recognize that she would be an excellent candidate to replace outgoing Director Coats.”

Former DOJ Deputy Director, Rod Rosenstein, sang the same tune as Schiff as he also endorsed Gordon for the DNI position.

Rosenstein tweeted, “Deputy DNI Sue Gordon is a proven patriot who understands foreign threats, respects the nonpartisan truth, and protects America 24/7. Daughter of a Navy Vice Admiral, mother of 2 Marine captains. Gordon is a great [President Trump] appointee!” See Below

Donald Trump Jr. came forward and shut both Schiff and Rosenstein down after seeing their endorsements.

Don Jr. said, “If Adam Schiff wants her in there, the rumors about her being besties with Brennan and the rest of the clown cadre must be 100% true.”

He then retweeted Rosenstein’s tweet where he endorsed Gordon, and captioned it, “As I was saying…” See Below

Don Jr. Shuts Down Schiff & Rosenstein