Pastor Scott Shreds Scaramucci Over His Sudden Shift Against Trump: ‘You’re Feeding The Media Piranhas’

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Former Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci has drawn attention in recent days as he’s been on a campaign to replace President Trump on the GOP ticket for the 2020 election on top of making disparaging statements against the President in a series of tweets and interviews.

As reported by CNBC, Republican Anti-Trump pundit, Bill Kristol, confirmed that he “has spoken to Scaramucci about trying to find another presidential candidate to replace Trump on the top of the GOP ticket next year.”

Scaramucci has immediately faced backlash from former colleagues, as they question what the motive is behind his plot to replace Trump and his sudden shift against the President.

On Saturday, Pastor Darrell Scott triggered reactions out of Scaramucci while shredding the former Press Secretary over his anti-Trump rhetoric.

Pastor Scott began by saying, “Since Mooch wants to run to the media and talk all that smack…why doesn’t HE challenge President @realDonaldTrump in a GOP primary. Let’s see how that works out. Maybe Bill Kristol can be his campaign manager.”

Scaramucci replied, “Darrell don’t disavow friends for this man. We are one country and you and I know each other well. He will use you until he is done and then be quite indifferent. When the spell breaks . . . In your heart as a faithful man you know this isn’t how our country should be. W/love.” See Below

Scaramucci Responds To Pastor Scott

Moments later, Pastor Scott went further and laid into Scaramucci with a direct reply.

He said, “[Mooch]…I’m 60 yrs old. I’m my own man. The only I can be used is if I allow myself to be used. Most people that get “used” usually get beat at their own game. I meant what I said. You run against him and see how easy it is. You sit in that office and see how easy it is.”

“We’re friends, and my tweet caused a reaction from you. You cant get upset when your tweets cause a reaction from the Potus,” Pastor Scott continued. “You and I both know he’s a good guy. I don’t understand why you’re feeding the media piranhas. They care nothing about you.”

“Especially with you formerly working as Press Secretary, you of all people KNOW how the media is. I can’t understand what motivates you to seek solace from them. They’re the ones doing the “using”. As long as you bash Trump, you’re useful to them. When you stop, you’re not,” he declared.

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In response to Pastor Scott, Scaramucci went on to say, “Did you get the reaction from me that I got from @potus? His tweets have upset at least 60% of his fellow citizens and most of the world.”

“He is targeting private citizens,” he added. “Is that a hate crime? Or just a manifestation of self hate? The whole world is watching. Enough is enough.”

After seeing Scaramucci’s response, a baffled Pastor Scott simply replied, “Mooch…c’mon man…”

In ending, here is Greg Gutfeld’s response to Scaramucci’s odd behavior: