Swalwell Calls For Barr’s Impeachment For Reportedly Booking A Party At Trump’s Hotel

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On Tuesday, Congressman Eric Swalwell was sent into another impeachment frenzy after seeing an article from The Washington Post that reported Attorney General William Barr is planning an annual holiday event at one of President Trump’s hotels.

The article indicates “Barr booked President Trump’s D.C. hotel for a 200-person holiday party in December that is likely to deliver Trump’s business more than $30,000 in revenue.”

As per The Washington Post’s article, the “Family Holiday Party” planned for December 8 will be paid for by Barr himself, and Trump’s hotel was chosen after the Attorney General looked into having it at two other venues that were already booked.

And although a Justice Department official made it clear that holding the event at the hotel wasn’t designed to “curry favor” towards the President, Rep. Swalwell isn’t buying it.

Swalwell took to Twitter to voice his disgust with Barr’s holiday plans and how he should be impeached over them.

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Swalwell demanded in a tweet, “Impeach him. Impeach every lawless Trump official.”

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“They don’t care and never will until held accountable,” he continued. “This is a smash & grab presidency. We are not helpless: tell every Member of Congress.” See Below

Rep. Swalwell’s Official Tweet