Cohen Drums Up A New Call For Impeachment, Claims Trump Committed ‘Innumerable’ Offenses

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Friday on MSNBC’s “The Beat”, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) drummed up a new call for “impeachment”, as Congress prepares to return from their August recess.

This comes after the Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, released a scathing report revealing that Comey “violated standard procedures” during his time in the Trump administration; stating he set a “dangerous example”, and more specifically, that Comey took matters into his own hands to achieve a personal outcome– the appointment of the special counsel.

Asked why he thinks his colleagues are now in favor of impeachment, Steve Cohen said, “The Democratic base is very much in favor of impeachment. The Mueller testimony really was ‘eye-opening to some.’ It showed clearly that 5 of the obstruction charges, all of the constituent elements had been met– and that there were 10.”

“And so arguably, you had 10 obstructions, but 5– all of the elements were met. And there were over 100 contacts with Russia and the Trump campaign during the election. And while there might not have been a conspiracy, there was cooperation and welcome of the Russia involvement and all those things together,” he continued.

“But the Democratic base has made the people come out and say they’re for an inquiry,” Cohen said. “I’m all for an inquiry and I’m pleased to see 135 people there. I think I was second or third in Congress to come out for ‘impeachment,’ not for an inquiry. [Be]cause I don’t think, while it’s important we get the facts out there in hearings, and that’s what we can have to really influence and show the public the need to impeach this man.”

“There’s no question he’s committed ‘innumerable impeachable offenses’, and he should be impeached. We’re beyond the state of simply having an inquiry. He has basically come out and shown us his violations of the emoluments clause and obstruction of justice and his total disregard for the rule of law that he should be impeached and removed,” the Tennessee Congressman claimed. (Continued Below)

Robert Mueller said that nobody in the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it “conspired or coordinated with the Russian government,” yet Democrats continue to peddle the hoax as if it happened, and they fail to acknowledge the Trump/Russia origins that are being investigated.

Along with Cohen’s segment on MSNBC, he also tweeted on Sunday, “I’ve said from the beginning, as information gets out– support for impeachment will grow. 135 @HouseDemocrats now support an impeachment inquiry b/c the facts are undeniable. Trump has no respect for our #Constitution or democratic institutions. He’s #unfit for office.”

What Cohen specifically stated in his tweet and during the MSNBC segment was that “House Democrats ‘now’ support an impeachment inquiry”, however, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, claimed on CNN last month, “This is formal impeachment proceedings.” [Emphasized]. (Continued Below)

Last week, Nadler asked House Committee Chairmen investigating President Trump to “share impeachment documents” in a letter and to further provide any information, documents, testimony, transcripts or depositions relevant to the “impeachment investigation.” The letter also says that the House Judiciary panel is considering whether impeachment is warranted.

Meanwhile, Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, Doug Collins (R-GA) wrote a letter to Nadler informing him that the “full House has not voted to initiate an impeachment inquiry.”

“I write today to inform you that, contrary to your assertions in the media, the Procedures, and the Application, you lack the procedural authority to prohibit non-committee Member access to Committee records, because the full House has not voted to initiate an impeachment inquiry or to allow you to limit such access. As such, the Procedures and the Application fundamentally misapply the Rules of the House,” Collins’ letter read in part.

While Cohen and Nadler continue to beat the “impeachment drum,” we now know according to the Inspector General, former FBI Director, James Comey took matters into his own hands to achieve a “personal outcome,” which was “the appointment of Robert Mueller.” It was a setup. Essentially, Nadler and Cohen are claiming President Trump obstructed an investigation– that Democrats are ultimately in cahoots with.

Comey had an intent to try to take down President Donald Trump and he abused the courts to do just that– in an attempt to get back at Trump because he was fired. His hatred was so intense that he caused the country two years of turmoil and fracture with the appointment of the special counsel– with the perception of “Russia collusion.”

Further, the IG noted that Comey tried to frame the President using the Trump Tower meeting using his “memos”– a private conversation with Trump, and all the while, Comey told the President that he wasn’t under investigation. (Continued Below)


We leave you with Judge Jeanine’s take on James Comey:

Upon the release of the IG’s Comey report and the FISA report on its way, we shall see if Democrats returning to Congress after their recess, have a change of heart on impeachment after the Inspector General’s findings.

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