Schiff Says There Is ‘Corruption In Plain Sight’ Over Military Crew Staying At Trump’s Resort

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In a new round of accusations, House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff claims there is” corruption in plain sight” in regards to a new report regarding the military staying the night at one of President Trump’s resorts.

Schiff responded to a report by Politico that said “the House Oversight is investigating whether US military expenditures have been propping up Trump Turnberry. A peculiar refueling stop in Glasgow by a US Air Force crew, who stayed overnight at the resort—there & back—tipped them off.”

As all of the facts behind the case are still not known, Schiff jumped to the conclusion that corruption is involved and that it is “in plain sight.”

Schiff said, “If you believe the DOD just randomly decided to start spending nights at a luxury golf course in Scotland, well, Donald Trump has a rapidly depreciating asset to sell you.”

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“Taxpayers aren’t responsible for bailing out Trump’s failing businesses” Schiff added. “The corruption is in plain sight.” See Below

Adam Schiff’s Official Tweet

Schiff’s latest claim strikes a similar tune to when he said there was evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia “in plain sight” for nearly two years leading up to Robert Mueller’s report, which proved otherwise.

We leave you with video of Dan Bongino who recently responded to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s push to impeach President Trump in relation to the military staying at his Scottish resort.