Horowitz Publicly Addresses Criminal Referrals For Both Comey & McCabe With Rep. Steube: ‘We Made Referrals In Both Instances’

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Congressman Greg Steube (R-FL) questioned Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Tuesday during a House Oversight Government Operations subcommittee in relation to his IG findings of Obama government officials.

Steube confirmed that Horowitz made criminal referrals for former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe after both failed to safeguard sensitive FBI information.

During the hearing, Rep. Steube asked Inspector General Horowitz exactly why Andrew McCabe was referred for a criminal prosecution, to which he replied, “We found a lack of candor, which means we didn’t find that he provided us with truthful information. And when we made a determination under Section 4 of the IG Act that we had thought it had occurred, we were required by the law to report it expeditiously to the Attorney General.”

Asked if he also found that McCabe failed to safeguard FBI information, Horowitz said, “What we found was that he authorized an employee to provide information to a reporter that was FBI information.”

“So we have two heads of the FBI, one Director, and one Acting Director… both referred for criminal prosecutions. Am I saying that right?” Steube asked of Horowitz.

“Pursuant to the IG Act, we made referrals in both instances,” Horowitz confirmed. (Continued Below)

“I want to point out how profound that is for the American people that we have two back to back heads of the FBI, both were referred for criminal prosecution. Both of these heads of the FBI failed to safeguard sensitive FBI information. Is that correct,” Steube clarified.

“In both instances, they disclosed to reporters information that was protected FBI information, sensitive law information,” Horowitz established.

Steube also took to Twitter on Wednesday where he posted a clip of Horowitz’s public address pertaining to criminal referrals for both Comey and McCabe and pointed out “that the President was cleared, yet Democrats still expect us to believe that no one was out to get him.” (Video Below)

Rep. Steube tweeted, “Two investigations this year revealed critical information to the American people: 1- Andrew McCabe and James Comey were referred by the Inspector General to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution. 2- @realDonaldTrump was cleared of all wrong doing.”

He added, “Yet, House Democrats still expect us to believe that no one was out to get the President. This is a travesty against the American public and if crimes were committed by those at the Department of Justice they should be prosecuted.”

Rep. Steube and IG Horowitz’s full remarks:


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