Rudy Giuliani RIPS The ‘Swamp Media’ Amid Reports That Biden Corruption Is Disproven: ‘Typical Lie’

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President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is absolutely disgusted by what he has seen out of the media in wake of the “whistleblower” drama that has been blowing up the headlines.

According to Giuliani, the media is protecting Joe Biden and his family as coverage of a “whistleblower” has casted light on suspected corruption by Vice President Joe Biden.

It’s been alleged that Biden bribed a Ukrainian Prime Minister to fire a prosecutor who was investigating dealings made by Joe Biden’s son Hunter in both Ukraine and China. But according to Giuliani, mainstream sources are reporting that such allegations are disproven, and instead are focusing on a phone call where a whistleblower suggests Trump put pressure on Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate Biden.

Despite the possibility that the media could be protecting Biden, Giuliani is satisfied that the story surrounding Biden, his son, Ukraine and China is finally getting the attention he feels is long overdue.

On Sunday, Giuliani took a moment to weigh in on the controversy on Twitter, where he slammed the “swamp media” for protecting Biden and not reporting the facts.

In a string of tweets, Rudy said, “Swamp media says Biden corruption disproven. Typical lie.” See Below

“Three Ukrainian prosecutors on tape saying case fixed and dismissed because of Biden pressure,” Rudy continued. “Tapes available to the Swamp media. But there is much more proof. Witnesses, documents, millions in circuitous wire transfers.”

“The NYT story today that no evidence exists to support allegation Biden got Prosecutor fired to fix son’s case is false,” he declared. “The corroboration is already public; available detailed statements from 4 prosecutors and documents. Much more to come.”

Rudy then directly targeted Biden for saying that he didn’t know about his son’s case in Ukraine, and he tweeted an article that suggests otherwise. See Below

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Rudy then capped it off by presenting a new report has Ukraine’s Prime Minister denying President Trump put pressure on Zelenskiy.

Rudy is set to appear on Fox on Sunday, where he says he will lay out more evidence of Biden corruption. We will post that video in this article once available.