CNN Analyst Hints Trump May Be Trying To Bury ‘Politically Damaging’ Calls, Meadows Reacts: ‘You Have Zero Evidence’

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With the whistleblower story still in full focus, liberal mainstream sources are wondering what all information could be in other phone calls between the President and foreign leaders.

The New York Times published a story that claimed, “The White House restricted access to records of sensitive calls President Trump had with Vladimir Putin and members of the Saudi royal family.”

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Congressman Mark Meadows responded directly to the New York Times in regards to their story: “This Intel Community leaks like a sieve—of course this President and his team are going to restrict access to calls with sensitive/classified information. As they should.”

Upon seeing the tweet by Mark Meadows, CNN analyst Susan Hennessey put in her two cents, and hinted Trump could be trying to “bury politically damaging material.”

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“There’s lots of information presidents don’t want to make public—embarrassing, privileged, diplomatic or policy sensitive, etc,” Hennessey said. “But classification exists solely to protect information that could harm US national security. To use it to bury politically damaging material is abuse.”

In a matter of minutes, Meadows immediately fired back at Hennessey.

“With all due respect, you have zero evidence that any of the calls involved contain “politically embarrassing” information,” Meadows replied. “Just like there was no evidence for collusion—but I know that didn’t stop you and some of your colleagues, either.” See Below

Mark Meadows Responds To CNN’s Susan Hennessey

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Democrats, with the help of the liberal media, have  worked endlessly trying to smear and discredit the the President every chance they get. And now that the prospects of impeachment is their sole focus, they will say and do everything to fit that narrative, in hopes he’ll be removed from office.

In ending, here is video of Sean Hannity explaining why President Trump is not going to be removed from office despite the left’s effort to make it happen: