Maxine Waters Calls President Trump A ‘Hoodlum’ As She Vows ‘Impeachment Is On The Way’

Maxine WatersAM to DM Video Screen Shot

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is convinced the alleged “whistleblower” has brought forth enough information to impeach President Trump, who she says is really a “crook” and a “hoodlum.”

Waters took to Twitter on Friday, where she issued a storm of tweets that directly addressed the whistleblower’s statement regarding a phone call between President Trump and Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

Waters initially thanked millenials for “staying woke” and for their support throughout her calls to impeach President Trump.

She then proclaimed, “One whistleblower and one telephone call can make a difference. Each of us has power, and if we dare to use it, we can change the world.”

“Do you know Trump called the whistleblower, and others who disclosed his impeachable activities, spies and insinuated they should be killed?” she alleged. “Trump is a crook and a hoodlum!”

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Finally, Waters declared, “Trump & his sycophants tried to cover up the transcripts re: his phone call to Ukraine’s president by hiding the info on a server reserved for highly classified info.”

“It didn’t work. They’ve been caught red handed. Not just thinking about impeachment, impeachment is on the way,” she concluded. See Below

Official Tweets By Maxine Waters (Omar Navarro’s Response Below)

In ending, here is a statement Maxine’s opponent, Omar Navarro, released in response to Waters’ latest accusations: