Maxine Renews Her Attacks On Trump, Says He Needs ‘Imprisoned’ & Put In ‘Solitary Confinement’

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Anti-Trump Congresswoman, Maxine Waters (D-CA), renewed her attacks aimed at President Trump Tuesday in a series of tweets, amid the whistleblower’s complaint, pertaining to President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenksy.

Waters said that President Trump was using “filthy talk”, but she claimed the Commander in Chief is “dog-whistling to his white supremacists”, adding that the President “needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement.”

Rep. Waters began her unhinged rant on Twitter by claiming that President Trump “knows he deserves impeachment: “Trump is so irresponsible & so hungry for power & control, he would dare imply that a civil war will ensue if he’s impeached. He is dog whistling to his white supremacists to create fear & intimidation b/c he knows he is going to be impeached. He knows he deserves impeachment,” she said.

Then, she suggested he needs to be imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement: “I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed. Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative,” Waters wrote.

The California Congresswoman continued her attacks using name-calling: “AG Barr is the highest law enforcement officer & the worst. He’s supposed to be the people’s lawyer, but he’s just Trump’s puppet. He’s been caught soliciting foreign countries’ help in undermining his FBI & our Intel agencies. He should be Trump’s companion w/impeachment,” Waters said.

Then, she went after the President’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, by suggesting that he is a liar and then she predicted that Giuliani will help Democrats “solidify Trump’s impeachment.” (Continued Below)

“It’s certainly past time for Giuliani’s docs/texts to have been subpoenaed by our committees. His brazen lies, outrageous distortions, & attempts to do anything Trump wants him to do have got to be stopped. His unintended revelations will help us solidify Trump’s impeachment,” Waters wrote.

She went on to use last week’s Democratic talking point: “shakedown”, that was echoed throughout the leftwing media and Democratic lawmakers after Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that the transcript between President Trump and the Ukraine President read like “a classic mafia-like shakedown.”

Waters echoed Schiff’s claim: “Trump has corrupted so many members of his admin. The lies, coverups, shaking down foreign countries & undermining our democracy will be recorded as one of the worst periods in the history of our country, all led by a dishonorable con man. Follow the facts, impeachment on the way”. (Continued Below)

Lastly, she beat the “impeachment drum” one final time by declaring that “impeachment will uncover the truth.”

“The more we learn, the more flabbergasted we are. Can you believe Pompeo was on the call w/ Trump when he was shaking down Ukraine’s pres & attempting to find dirt on Biden? Was Pompeo also involved in hiding transcripts on a classified server? Impeachment will uncover the truth,” Waters added.

Maxine Waters’ official tweets:

(Continued Below)

We leave you a map of the states and counties President Trump won during the 2016 election that declares, “Try to impeach this.”

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